5 Standout Gold Coast Restaurants We Love To Support

5 Standout Gold Coast Restaurants We Love To Support

5 gold coast restaurantsWe love supporting local businesses. Both with our practice and with our wallets! Especially local restaurants!! It

has been a tough market for a lot of restaurant owners in Australia for some years. Rising costs, changing spending habits and shifting demographics have made it hard for even the better places to be successful.

It sure is a tough business to be in and we certainly take our hats off to anyone who makes a success of it. We, therefore, thought it necessary to highlight some of the businesses that have been wildly successful in a tough market. Our motivations aren’t just pure, we love eating at these places and want them to be around forever as well!

So today on the blog we’re highlighting 5 local hot spots for anyone on the coast looking to treat themselves to something special.


One of the staples of top dining on the Gold Coast for close to two decades, Fellini’s has always been one of our “go to” special occasion spots. From the sweeping views across the Broadwater to the always great modern Italian, Fellini’s is the type of place where time just disappears in a blur of great food, great wine and great conversation.

Go for the always fabulous degustazione and bank on making an evening of it!


We love great Greek food and there is none better than Hellinika on the Gold Coast. From the amazing kefalograviera to the baked lamb and homemade sweets, a night out at Hellenika always spoils us. They have an excellent wine list to match the food (super important!!), so whether you love a good pinot or want to try a Greek dessert wine, the choice is yours.

Go for the banquet and share the love at the table!


This hatted Japanese restaurant has an amazing set menu and some of the best sashimi money can buy. We love the service, the freshness and the quality of the product that this team puts out every time. You’d never know this place wasn’t in the middle of Tokyo everything is so authentic which massively ads to the experience.

Definitely go there for the set menu to get a taste of everything!

Allure on Currumbin

Regularly rated one of the best restaurants in the Queensland, no list would be without Allure on Currumbin. Finding great French food can be hard. Many places say try but few succeed. Allure truly falls into the latter category, serving up a French/Australian degustation that is impossible to beat. With fantastic service and a unique ambience, it is a fitting end to our list.

Go for the degustation and matching wines!

Omeros Brothers

Last but not least, we couldn’t have a Gold Coast dining list without a great seafood restaurant! Omero’s is one such multi-award winning restaurant that manages to balance a laid-back setting with great food. Sitting down looking over Marina Mirage with a great glass of wine and a plate of Oysters is pretty hard to beat!

Go for the relaxed vibe, great view and fresh seafood.

And that’s our list. If you have any others to add, let us know!

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