MCG Legal    Blog    When Should I Speak to a Lawyer About My Relationship?

Relationships are tough, and going through a breakup is one of the most stressful situations any adult can deal with. Sadly, what makes it even more difficult is not understanding your rights, not knowing what you can do, and feeling stuck.

As family lawyers who have gone through relationship breakdowns ourselves, we are particularly sensitive to the issues around divorce. We also understand how confusing these issues can be without proper help. The constant thinking about it, the stress that builds up and the difficulty of understanding what the implications will be for you. It can cause serious psychological harm if you don’t know where you stand, and ultimately, that is no good for either party.

One of the most confusing questions for anyone that finds themselves in a difficult relationship is simply:

When should I speak to a lawyer about my rights?

The short answer is yesterday. The more long-winded answer is as soon as you possibly can (for lots of good reasons).

The reason why might actually surprise you. It’s actually less to do with the legal implications, and far more to do with helping you move forward in your life and feel confident in your decisions. As Gold Coast family lawyers with many years of experience, we can honestly say that dealing with the simple concerns as soon as possible makes a big difference to our client’s lives. If you’re struggling with a difficult situation, you don’t need the added stress of not knowing your rights.

Getting clarity and comfort

Getting clarity and comfort is the biggest reason most people choose to see a lawyer early in the process. This generally boils down to a desire to understand how your assets or your family situation will be dealt with by the court in the event of the relationship breaking down.

The most fundamental questions tend to be:

If I move, will I lose the rights to the house? What does it mean if I am the one that instigates the separation? What process do I need to be prepared for?

There are many other important questions, but these tend to come up more often than not.

Dealing with them is critical because questions like these have very simple answers but can make a huge difference to your life. Simply knowing what your rights are and what might happen if you choose to end the relationship is a huge weight off most people’s shoulders.

Now you could ask a friend, you could jump onto google and see what you find, but that is fraught with danger and completely unnecessary. Sadly, what can happen when you ask someone without the requisite professional experience is bad outcomes and confusion. And why would you
when you can speak to us about these questions at a free first consultation?

What to expect

We’ll meet in person, discuss your situation and do our best to give you an overview of the process if the relationship breaks down. We can answer the simple questions like those above, and give you some clarity around where you stand. Doing this as early as possible can help you avoid the stress of assuming the worst and make what is already a difficult situation more bearable. Not doing it and jumping to conclusions on bad information can only lead to a more stressful situation than is necessary.

Now obviously, coming to see us before the relationship is actually over could mean you jump the gun a little and you actually end up resolving things. Great! There’s absolutely no obligation to see the separation through, and a large portion of people who come for our initial advice end up reconciling and improving their relationships. At the end of the day, everyone’s situation is different, which is why it is so important to seek proper professional advice. Listening to friends and searching google will certainly not give you the comfort you are after.

If you’d like to sit down for a free consultation please click here and we’ll book in a time with one of our experienced lawyers.

For more information about the family mediation services provided at our Gold Coast practice, we invite you to call our family lawyers on (07) 5591 2222 or contact us regarding a free 30-minute initial consultation.

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