MCG Legal    Blog    Why You Need a Strong Advocate on Your Side

Having a strong advocate on your side is critical. In this piece we dive into why it is so important to get you the best possible outcome.

Direct advice can be uncomfortable

You don’t want a piecemeal lawyer who can’t tell you directly what they believe your best course of action. Having clear advice helps put on the path to long term resolution quicker than a wishy-washy approach that might make you feel more comfortable in the short term. We’re here to get the best outcome for you, and being direct with our advice is necessary for that to happen.

When you’re embroiled in an emotionally charged legal battle, it’s easy to lose focus. That’s where we come in. Direct advice is critical in ensuring that you stay on track, and while it may be uncomfortable, it allows us to advocate for you to the best of our ability. You need to be clear on your focus and your prospects of success if you intend on getting the best possible result.

To keep the focus on a common purpose

At the end of the day, legal battles are timely, costly and emotionally draining – for both parties. It’s unlikely that you will get everything you want, so it’s important that you have an advocate who is good at identifying common ground and utilising this to change a potentially contentious relationship into one in which the parties agree to a mutually beneficial outcome. For parties going through a divorce, for example, identifying common ground is very difficult due to the emotional weight that each party carries. We make sure to cut through this emotion to assist in reaching a mutually beneficial settlement.

Certain steps in the process are confrontational

As much as we are big believers in finding common ground, the reality is that the operation and process of ensuring your rights are protected is adversarial by nature. Sometimes, issues cannot be solved by finding a common purpose no matter how hard we try. This concept might seem harsh to the non-lawyer, but think about it in the context that each side has the opportunity to argue their side. It doesn’t mean that either side is right, but it does mean that a lot of the process in legal matters is about two sides having a back and forth. It’s therefore important to have a strong advocate on your side, who knows your matter inside and out and can effectively present your best argument.

Ultimately, you have the final say

In any situation involving conflict, a strong advocate will help you negotiate better options and better outcomes.  As advocates, we can offer options for various legal matters and fight for what you are entitled to, without losing sight of the fact that you have the final say. An advocate who interjects too much is overstepping their role and occasionally this will prevent you from achieving the best outcome. A strong advocate knows this and expects that when the time comes, you will make the final decision with all the information your advocate has provided you.

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