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Level 1, 67 Davenport St

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MCG Legal has resolved thousands of law cases for Gold Coast families

Get to know Matt Gill and his team of trusted family lawyers

We are known as lawyers who will proactively try to resolve your child custody matter, not draw it out in lengthy litigation.

How can we help you?

Get to know us during a free one-hour consultation. You will clearly understand your entitlements and feel safe in a sound legal strategy.

Let us guide you through the turmoil of divorce with compassion and transparency

Why Us?

  1. We provide a comfortable, welcoming environment for you to relax and discuss your concerns
  2. Our goal is to get you timely resolution without going to court
  3. If court is necessary, most matters will be resolved before a final hearing
  4. We will talk to you in a plain language, not legal jargon

Client Testimonials

We value transparency, honesty, real advice, 24hr service if required, responsive communications, professional and supportive guidance.


If you need answers now, book a free consultation today. The consultation will cover your entitlements and what to expect when working with us. You will meet with your lawyer, discuss your issue and together we will talk through your options. You will also be provided with an estimate of costs.

The free consultation lasts up to one hour. This consultation will provide the perfect opportunity to have a no obligation, confidential session.