It's a sad fact that almost half of all marriages end in divorce. To complicate the situation even further, many of these couples have children. During the divorce process, couples are preoccupied with property, and financial division. The children’s emotional and physical well-being can sometimes be an afterthought, however the goal of any amicable separation should always be ‘what’s best for the kids’.

By following these tips writen by Angela Elia B. Beh. Sci. (Hons). MAPS, Psycologist at Alegna Solutionsyou can take steps to ensure the transition is as peaceful as possible for your little ones.

On a practical level, ensure your children’s routine remains consistent. The familiarity of routines (i.e. consistent bedtimes, doing homework at the same time each night, etc.) helps children feel safe and secure, regardless of the circumstances around them. Sticking to a routine includes continuing to observe rules, discipline and rewards. For this reason, resist the urge to spoil your children, lest they favour one parent over the other.

Above all else, your children will feel at ease if you are calm and take care of yourself during the process. By regularly exercising, spending time with friends and family, and keeping a journal, your transition will be much smoother. Your children will observe this, and feel healthier and happier, as a result.

This post was written by  Angela Elia, Psychologist at Alegna Solutions, Southport, QLD.

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