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Purchasing property in Queensland can be quite daunting for anyone who is unfamiliar with Queensland property laws. One of the keys reasons is that the Contract is usually signed at the time of making your offer and before you have received any legal advice. This is very different to any other state in Australia.

It is strongly recommended that any Contract be reviewed before you sign it to ensure that the Contract is in the correct form, satisfies your needs and, most importantly, protects you.


Our friendly and experienced Gold Coast conveyancing solicitors based in Southport will be able to assist you with your enquiries and we have an after-hours service for those urgent matters.


Conveyancing law deals with the transfer of legal title of property from one party to another. When you are buying a Gold Coast property, because the Contract is normally signed prior to seeking legal advice and when you make an offer, you should approach your purchase with extreme care as it can be difficult to protect you should something be amiss after the contract has been legally formed.

We strongly suggest you seek our legal advice before you sign the Contract as it can be difficult to change clauses should you need to after signing.

A typical conveyance involves:

  • Checking that the seller and the property description on the Contract match the official descriptions recorded on title.  This is important for the transfer documents and actually establishing exactly what property is being bought or sold.
  • Checking encumbrances and restrictions on the property such as easements and other issues which may restrict the buyer’s potential use of the property.
  • Ensuring special conditions in the Contract are fulfilled. You will need to consider special conditions in a Contract before you sign.
  • Ensuring rates, water charges and land tax are paid by the appropriate party so that there are no surprises or unnecessary costs after settlement.
  • Liaising with banks and financiers.
  • Arranging the payment of fees and charges.
  • Preparing all documentation required to legally transfer ownership of the property.
  • In addition to the above, there are a range of special searches for less common issues, such as checking whether your property is heritage listed, which can be conducted upon your request.


Our friendly and experienced staff are available for conveyancing advice on the Gold Coast. Read our Conveyancing FAQ.

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