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Family law is a highly emotional and very complex area of law. There are many aspects within family law. 

The most common of these are the resolution of financial matters and sorting out suitable arrangements for the children after separation. 

MCG Legal are known as lawyers who will proactively try and resolve your case, not draw it out in lengthy litigation and unnecessary legal costs.


MCG Legal specialise in dealing with the following areas of Family Law:

Shared Care and COVID-19

In January 2020, COVID-19 started infecting Australians and this virus has the potential to impact on all separated parents who have an arrangement (via Court Order, or otherwise), whereby they share care of their children. The most important principle is that...

When can a child decide which parent to live with?

Family Law Matters: Parenting Arrangements The law in Australia is that the best interests of the child are the paramount consideration. Children are entitled to enjoy a meaningful relationship with both parents. The law also describes that children need to be...

What to expect from your first family law meeting

Meeting with a Solicitor can be overwhelming, but if you have started to think about booking an appointment, it is no doubt, already necessary. At MCG Legal, we understand the emotions associated with the breakdown of a relationship - working out parenting...

What is a Family Report?

In a dispute involving children, a Family Consultant is often appointed.  The Family Consultant is appointed by the Court to interview and observe relevant parties; prepare reports about their interviews and observations, and make recommendations about the most...

Family Law Duty of Disclosure

In Family Law matters, there is a positive and ongoing duty of disclosure. The duty requires all parties to Court proceedings to disclose to the Court and each other all relevant information. This includes, but is not limited to, information and documents that the...

I had all the money, do I get to keep it in a divorce or separation?

This is a phrase often heard by Gold Coast family lawyers when considering divorce or separation. In many cases, one party has started the relationship in a significantly stronger financial position than the other party, and therefore it is the expectation of the...

The Corona Virus and parenting arrangements

In January 2020, a virus named COVID-19 started infecting Australians and tourists visiting Australia.  The virus has been the cause of many deaths in Australia.  As a result, the Australian Government has adopted some reasonably drastic measures in an attempt to save...

The connection between Domestic Violence and asset distribution

The Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act was introduced in 1989 and further strengthened in 2012. The Act now more accurately reflects contemporary understandings of domestic and family violence. Gold Coast family lawyers, practicing in family law are...

Law Testimonial

Hi Matt, Thanks again for your time yesterday.It is unfortunate these things do happen but it was certainly beneficial to speak with someone who has also experienced a similar situation and could give sound advice! Thank you again for everything. Although this...

Family Law Testimonial

Go straight to MCG Legal and see Matt and his team and save yourself time, money and reduce the stress that goes hand in hand with legal issues. I was going no where fast after 6 months with one of the big family law companies on the coast. Too big means too many...

Some matters are able to be agreed between the parties through negotiation or mediation while some require the intervention of the Court to create an appropriate resolution for both parties.

Advice and Representation

At MCG Legal, our team of family lawyers will provide you with forthright advice and representation in helping you resolve your situation be it finalising property and children’s matters, obtaining a divorce or a domestic violence order. You may find it useful to review these Legal FAQ’s.


We invite you to contact us regarding a free initial consultation (1 hour). Whether you are on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland or anywhere else in Australia please contact our family lawyers for your very important consultation. We will walk you through the available options and advise on your best path forward in achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.