What is Conveyancing?

Many people are unfamiliar with the term conveyance when dealing with property transactions. Simply put, it is all of the work that goes on to ensure the transfer of a property from one party to another.

To transfer property from one party to another, a contract of sale is entered into by both the buyer and the seller of the property which sets out all of the terms of the contract between you transferring the property. The contract is usually quite extensive to someone who has not dealt with contracts like this regularly.

In Queensland, only Solicitors or individuals acting for themselves can undertake all that is necessary to transfer a property. Legal firms, such as our at MCG Legal, have specially trained staff called conveyancers, who work solely with Solicitors in transferring property between parties.

What do you do in a conveyance?

A conveyance involves MCG Legal reviewing the contract of sale prior to you entering it to ensure that the contract contains what you are setting out to achieve.

Once entered, our team at MCG Legal goes about ensuring that the terms of the contract are complied with as contracts are usually subject to finance and building and pest conditions here in Queensland.  The contract can have other conditions added, known as special conditions, which can relate to a variety of things such as reviewing Body Corporate records, a due diligence clause to allow for a buyer to make inquiries with a local Council, a condition that the seller has to do certain works before settlement, just to name a few examples.

Our team at MCG Legal deals directly with the Solicitor for the other party, be it a buyer or seller. We ensure

  1. You are aware of your obligations to ensure your compliance with all conditions of the contract.
  2. We conduct title searches to ensure the seller is the owner of the property being sold, that the contract accurately reflects the property being bought or sold and to check for any encumbrances upon the title such as an easement, registered mortgage or caveats lodge on the title to the property.
  3. We liaise with banks regarding the release of mortgages if acting for the seller and organising funds for settlement if acting for a buyer.
  4. We make necessary calculations and adjustments to settlement figures for rates, Council and Body Corporate levies after conducting Council and Body Corporate searches.
  5. We liaise with the State Government regarding Land tax and obtaining the relevant Land Tax clearance certificates and making the necessary adjustments at settlement.
  6. We organise all parties and effect settlement of the property into your name in a time that is compliant with the contract of sale that has been entered by the parties whilst providing to you forthright advice about all these issues.

Undertaking a conveyance is not only difficult, but it can also be very stressful given the strict timelines contained within Queensland contracts as time is of the essence in Queensland, meaning you must meet time deadlines or there are consequences.

We at MCG Legal take away the stress of transferring property. We will ensure you have a smooth stress-free experience in either buying and or selling your property.

We offer an all-inclusive fixed fee conveyancing quote. Our quote includes all the basic necessary searches which means you are not required to pay anything more (unless you need additional searches to be done).

Contact us at MCG Legal on 55912222 to obtain a fixed fee quote for your conveyance or use our calculator to get a quote.

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