Driving Under the Influence, Know Your Limits

driving legalIt’s summer, which for many means party season.

Before you decide that you are probably OK to drive, it is better to know the facts.

Being under the influence of alcohol effects your body and mind.  Your perception is compromised as is your judgment. This affects your driving ability as you will not be able to use your judgement on things such as distance or speed correctly.

When you’ve had a drink, your concentration and reaction time is slower. In fact, you are more likely to fall asleep while driving. Add into this mix a dangerous over confidence in your abilities such as:

  • Taking corners too fast
  • Running red lights
  • Being unable to judge potential hazards
  • Going over the speed limit

How much alcohol is too much? 

In Queensland, there are four alcohol limits which are used to apply penalties. The penalties depend on the type of license you have when Police intercept you and what your blood/breath alcohol concentration is…

  1. ‘No alcohol’ limit– Simply put NO alcohol in your system at all.
  2. General alcohol limit– The concentration of alcohol in your blood or breath cannot be equal to or more than 0.05.
  3. Should you be caught drink driving and your reading is 0.5-0.149 you may be eligible for a work licence. You will need to call us to discuss this.
  4. High alcohol limit– This is when the concentration of alcohol in your blood or breath is equal to or more than 0.15. You are not able to obtain work licence and will be served a notice by Police that you are immediately suspended from driving.

Those with a provisional license and those with a license to drive larger vehicles (such as a bus or a lorry) fall into the ‘no alcohol’ limit.  Therefore, they are not allowed to consume any alcohol prior to driving.  The ‘general’ limit applies to those with an open driving license.

What are the penalties?

There are no straightforward answers and the penalty applied to you depends on a number of factors. We suggest you contact our team to discuss your matter at length.

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