Free Will Kit Vs Estate Lawyer

Free Will Kit vs Estate Lawyer, What is the best way to secure your Estate?

We are all aware of the availability of cheap Will kits, which are do-it-yourself-type scenarios. Several years ago, you could purchase them at the Post Office for $25.00. You then complete the Will yourself and keep the Will.

Whilst cheap, the adage that you get what you pay for is true. Many complications can occur if a Will is not completed correctly and therefore is Valid.

Some of the common errors made are:

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  1. Failing to execute the Will without two witnesses
  2. Forgetting to date the Will, and
  3. using unclear wording
    This will likely lead the Will to be declared invalid or require additional evidence to obtain a grant of probate, which ultimately incurs far greater fees than engaging an Estate lawyer to complete your Will in the first place.

Our Estate lawyers at MCG Legal will ensure that your instructions and wishes are correctly worded into your Will. There will be no ambiguity or unclear wording. We are experienced at guiding our clients through dealing with all of their assets and ensuring that you are provided with excellent advice in planning your Estate matters.

A further added benefit of engaging our services at MCG Legal as opposed to a Will kit is that we can look at the whole of your estate planning and provide advice regarding your assets and the planning of your Will but also look at what happens if you become incapacitated and who will be your Attorney to make decisions for your financial and health matters if you cannot.

Our team at MCG Legal can also discuss your needs around entering an Advanced Health Directive, which directs those providing medical services to what you agree for them to do and not to do.

These are services not provided in buying a simple Will kit that you have no experience completing properly.

Come and meet with us. We will sit down with you and ensure all of your needs are correctly met.

There is no comparison when choosing a Free Will Kit vs Estate Lawyer. It is an Estate Lawyer at MCG Legal every time.

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